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It was Poland and around 1988 when i took my very first walk with a camera and unknowingly at the time I began a practice of what is called today “Street Photography”.


While growing up in the post communistic era of European Poland I had a budget allowance for one roll of film per week, despite the limitation, i refer to that time as my most passionate and intense experience with photography. I did my best to get value out of every frame, walked great distances without even pressing the shutter, devoting my every day after school hours to endless walks while discovering my beloved city Lebork and from time to time finding hidden life moments that translated them self’s as art through viewfinder of my Russian Zenith XP-12 the very first SLR camera i used.


Many years have passed and the immigration period of 1994 threw challenging years of finding myself in the USA as a photojournalist and immigrant who did not speak word of English, the burden of the immigration took away some of the creative aspirations replacing them with long work hours and need to adopt to fast pace commercial environment of Los Angeles which at that time i knew very little about in contrast to the small town I grew up in.

The Photographic passion persisted and the amount of images grew to some nearly 100k it was about 2014 when i began the painful yet necessary process of selecting “the best” images out of the piles of files. Despite earlier publications, gallery shows, street art fairs and online galleries such as Flickr RedBubble Instagram this is the first official TOM SKY gallery.


The is a decade long effort to select the print worthy images and offer it to the online audience for the very first time, although far from perfect this gallery will continue to improve and grow along with the interest and attention it receives. there is far more to do and many more images to be selected but this is the long awaited initial step forward which i’m so passionately proud of.

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NIKON KeyMission is here!

360 oriented photographers represent a relatively small “category” in the imaging world and those who are long enough in the field usually stick to more or less their own practical recipe of producing High Quality 360 spherical images, whether for the Google Street View Program, Real Estate or simply for 360 art sake of things. While the static 360 content is no longer a stranger to the masses the 360 motion picture strives for refinement and continues to be a fairly challenging beast for the appropriate and “well rounded” reasons.

On the quality side seems that we can’t escape the GoPro cam array system agendas and Kolor Editing Platform to be taken somewhat seriously in the 360 VR community, and while the cost of the GoPro’s 360 setups, processing hardware and software is not an issue for many producers looking at the 360 cinema the portability, ease of use, on demand accessibility and the quality of the hardware vs content project a serious market demand.

Among many products such as Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear VR respectable brands attempting to take a bite of the 360 momentum, NIKON clearly recognizes the significance of the 360 domain by offering us long awaited first answers to the 360 questions.

Being a “360 professional” and relying on my trusty setup consisting of Nikon D7000/8mm Sigma combination that handled well all of my commercial photography projects for Google I personally cant wait to test the newest NIKON KeyMission 360 in the practical world and baby step into 360 cinema so that i can write a hands on review. I want to believe that this is first product that has the potential to “bend the 360 market curve”

Tom Sky